EDPB – 22″ Extreme Duty Push Broom

EDPB with stiff filament for dirt and debris. Also works great in horse barns.

The Extreme Duty Push Broom (Part No. EDPB) is 22″ wide, made from an eco-friendly recycled PE plastic block and stiff polypropylene filament. Designed for pushing extreme amounts of debris on building sites and farms, this broom features a 1-1/8″ hardwood handle securely bolted and braced to the broom head using a steel connector to ensure it never loosens.

We guarantee the steel handle connector only for the life of the broom. If one breaks, we will replace it. Normal guarantees of workmanship apply to the rest of the product.

Also available (Part No. EDPB2, see below) with slightly softer polypropylene filament, the same 1-1/8″ hardwood handle, and the same handle connector, to make an excellent Extreme Duty garage, shop, and general purpose outdoor push broom.

EDPB2 with medium bristles for garage, shop, and general outdoor sweeping

Both EDPB and EDPB2 are sold in cases of 4 with handles included.